Sunday, September 7, 2008

Talk Sarah Talk

We know that Sarah knows how to read – a teleprompter anyway. She must have learned in the many colleges she attended majoring in broadcast journalism (and, lets not forget, minoring in political science). But can she talk ad lib? So far, reporters haven’t had a chance to find out. Frankly, I can’t wait. Somebody who took so long to graduate and who, like the current occupant of the Oval Office, reads only good books -- or is it just the Good Book? – is unlikely to get up even to John McCain’s level after just a few weeks of remedial tutoring by Republican operatives.

Once the scripts are gone, count on Sarah Barracuda to tell us much that will lead even the most gullible “undecided” voter to question John McCain’s judgment and his “decider” aptitude. And if she lets drop anything that confirms blogospheric rumors about the weirdness of her religious beliefs – about how her “faith” is weirder even than the ordinary variety – that will be icing on the cake. Then, maybe, the mainstream media will look into what the bloggers are saying – as they did, finally, with the rumors circulated by The Daily Kos and others about young Bristol, graduate of the Palin School of Abstinence and Condom Non-Use.

Meanwhile, these are glory days for comedians, and for the perpetually catty Maureen Dowd. Say what you will about her, she hates the right people.

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