Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Big Night

It’s reported that Matt Scully, the writer of many of the words the Bush boy has sounded out over the years, is hard at work on Sarah Palin’s speech. The nation awaits with bated breath. Relish the irony! Having banished Cheney and Bush, with Gustav’s help, the Maverick now finds that it is still not his convention or his party – they both belong to the hockey mom from nowhere.

Could anything be more surreal? On the current state of things, the latest by Mike Madden in is informative. It’s a sorry state. Listening last night to Joe Lieberman, the running mate McCain wanted, I couldn’t help but reflect on how much better it would have been had he gotten his wish. Then we could have had an edifying debate – Lieberman v. Biden – on who would be better for the Apartheid state. Although Lieberman davins (prays) regularly and lobbies reliably for the Israeli Right, I’d wager on the other Joe. He may only be a good Catholic boy, but among defenders of (Jewish) ethnic purity in the (allegedly) Holy Land, he is and always has been more popish than the pope.

According to the inside tipsters, the party’s useful idiots squelched that – and Tom Ridge (of color coding fame) too -- because they’d only settle for a candidate who is “pro-life.” According to the same tipsters, Karl Rove and Company wanted Mitt Romney, and so did Bush. The Maverick wouldn’t hear of it. So he played the gynecology card. Evidently, after Bush, being Presidential means not having to make sense.

What should be clear from all this is that Obama and Company are wrong: a McCain presidency would not be tantamount to a third Bush term. It’s been clear all along that, on matters of war and peace, McCain is even worse than Dick Cheney. It’s now clear that when it comes to making stupid decision from the “gut,” to being a “decider,” McCain is worse than Bush as well.

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