Tuesday, September 2, 2008

As the Repression Mounts

Free speech? Civil Liberties? Not in Saint Paul. The forces of (Republican) order even arrested Amy Goodman – on felony riot charges. Meanwhile, the corporate media, and corporate friendly NPR, remain mum.

They’re not even interested in exposing how transparently the Maverick’s propaganda apparatus turned what could have been a major disaster into a campaign prop. And, as of this morning, they had only kind words to say about the appearances yesterday, at their scaled down infomercial, of the terminally yucky Laura Bush and then of McCain’s sugar mommy (and her over the top yellow outfit).

Meanwhile, the Christian Taliban seem to be rallying around Guv Sarah Barracuda. You’d think they’d think she should stay home to obey her husband and care for her Downs Syndrome newborn, and that she should devote her full energies to the spiritual rehabilitation of her wayward teenage daughter. [Killing a few moose might help.] You’d think they’d hold an advocate of “abstinence only” sex education to account. But apparently, a determination not to abort trumps all. Could it be that for these benighted, godly folk, teenage pregnancies are so familiar that they escape condemnation? Or is it just that, since they can believe any crap whatsoever, they can believe that Sarah Palin is, more or less literally, God’s gift to the Republican Party and the antidote to the moral backsliding of we who don’t “put country first.”

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