Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Never "(Mis)underestimate the Stupidity of the American Electorate

That’s the first rule of American politics, and so far it is born out. Sarah Palin is no more a “maverick” than John McCain is Mick Jagger, and her religious beliefs are so weird as to be off the charts, even in this One Nation Under God. She is snarky and vindictive and a liar; much like George W. Bush. For years, Republican elites have pandered to their useful idiots, the religious Right. Should Sarah emerge a heartbeat away, they’ll have all but turned their Grand Old Party over to them. And did I mention: she’s in way over her head? By now, all this and more is well documented; even the mainstream media can’t ignore it. Yet, the fact remains: Palin has “energized” the doddering neo-con’s faltering campaign, and even won over a majority of white, women voters.

This Thursday, nearly two weeks after the Maverick (who is no more a “maverick” than she is) picked her out of the ether, she’ll give her first non-scripted interview – with Charlie Gibson at ABC. Will that burst the bubble? If Gibson has an ounce of integrity, it would be a sure thing – assuming the old dictum about the electorate has its limits. But those are two big assumptions. Worry!

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