Friday, August 29, 2008

Now It's In God's Hands

Most everybody in Denver did their job as well as could be; Barack Obama especially. The Great Inspirer inspired, saying enough about the “change” Obamamaniacs believe in to allay charges of utter vacuity. Notwithstanding the wishful thinking of those Obamamaniacs, what he had in mind was always clear. Obama’s “change” is the same old, same old, delivered, however, with competence, style and pizzazz. In Obama, we have a (chaste and faithful) “post-racial” JFK for the twenty-first century.

Poor old doddering John McCain. He and his handlers have to placate Republicans who still like Dick Cheney and George Bush, without driving everyone else into the Democrats’ waiting (“bipartisan,” “responsible”) arms. Moreover, he can’t openly diss a sitting Republican President – especially one with whom, as everyone now knows, he agrees more than 90% of the time. What to do?

That’s where the Div comes in. That mean spirited, not particularly intelligent Designer is about to hurl some of His hurricanes back onto the Gulf Coast, perhaps even to have another go at New Orleans, the city He and his pal George all but destroyed three years ago. Timing is all. If He holds off a bit, Bush and Cheney will show up in Saint Paul as scheduled, reminding the world of what they hath wrought. But that will only happen if God too is ready for “change.” On the other hand, if the Perfect Being is a loyal Republican, as most Americans used to assume, He’ll lash out before the GOP convention gets going, handing McCain’s handlers a reason to cancel Cheney and Bush without overtly offending the true believers among them. We’ll know soon enough which it is to be. It’s in God’s hands.

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