Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Maverick Lucks Out (So Far)

The Intelligent Designer appears to have smiled favorably upon his servant John the Maverick, perhaps to thank him for choosing Sarah Barracuda, one of His own. The ID has decided to whack New Orleans again sooner rather than later, allowing the GOP to cancel speeches by Dick Cheney and the Bush boy, the last people Maverick McCain wants to be seen with. Thanks to His timing, the Leaders of the Free World will be “too busy” doing “a heck of a job” to make it to Saint Paul. But this Gustav thing makes for a tricky situation, and it isn’t at all clear that the Republicans will come out of it looking good. They might not be up to the task any more than Sarah Palin is up to the task for which she has been Chosen. God is a Republican but He still only helps those who help themselves – with a little help, of course, from His (and their) friends, the forces of repression and, as the elder Mayor Daley famously put it, (dis)order. On the latter, see Glenn Greenwald's latest in

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