Saturday, August 30, 2008

Does Pandering Know No Bounds?

Lets not forget, before attention shifts entirely away from the POP, the Party of Pusillanimity (and Pelosiites) to the GOP, the party of hockey moms and doddering dodo war mongers, that the Democrats’ infomercial, like the one in store for the Republicans, was as much a vehicle for corporate influence through corporate sponsorship as it was a way to electioneer for Barack Obama. Lets not forget either how intent Obama and Company are to pander to the interests that govern the Democratic Party and that will constrain his presidency. Case in point: they couldn’t make nice enough to the Clintons. But Jimmy Carter, a better former President and a far better human being, was barely allowed a walk across the stage. Why? Well, remember he wrote a pro-Israel book that dared state the obvious about the occupation of Palestine. It was sub-titled “Peace, Not Apartheid.” If anyone doubts that this is what did him in, check out what The Jewish Daily Forward has to say about it. Carter, by the way, was gracious in explaining the cancellation of his speech. Would that those disgruntled Hillary supporters were equally so. But niceness is never rewarded; only obstreperous. Theirs has been so vocal that it even caught the attention of the otherwise clueless John McCain. The result: a few ridiculous ads, and now the even more ridiculous selection of Sarah Palin.

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