Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Fly Weight Pick, Part 2

On John McCain’s pick of the former Miss Wasilla, Alaska to be his VP, Joe Conason has it about right in this morning’s Note especially his citation of Reagan’s remark on Walter Mondale’s appointment of Geraldine Ferraro. It’s one of the rare instances where the Gipper got it right. We were reminded of this a few months ago when Ferraro declared herself to be one of those disgruntled Hillary supporters. However, compared to this rightwing hockey mom, Ferraro was, and perhaps still is, a woman of substance.

Note: I couldn’t figure out yesterday why right-wing pundits (Pat Buchanan, for example, on MSNBC) and the spinmeisters on “liberal” NPR were praising Palin’s fertility (she has been fruitful and multiplied five times), and especially why they were so intent on pointing out that the last of her brood has Downs Syndrome. I hope those allegedly multitudinous disgruntled Hillary supporters aren’t as slow as I was: it’s anti-abortion, stupid.

The spinmeisters were also gleeful about how the neophyte governor (of a sparsely populated state of which most Americans, but not Big Oil, know little) is just plain folks because she drives a Jetta to work. That should go over big with auto workers in Michigan.

The McCain campaign isn’t just stupid; it’s grotesquely, surrealistically stupid. I can’t see how even born-to-lose Democrats can’t trounce them or how Bush voters or those clueless “independents” we hear so much about could even consider voting for that doddering, blood thirsty fool. As an undecided voter (Nader or McKinney), it gives me hope that I won’t be frightened into having to vote for Barack Obama, a neo-Clintonite until proven otherwise, to keep the menace of McCain at bay.

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