Saturday, January 19, 2008


Nevadans, in their caucuses, went for Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney. The Romney victory is good news for Democrats; after all, the man is a first class jerk who would have a harder time hiding the fact than, say, John McCain or Rudy Giuliani. But the Clinton victory is bad news for the party, the country and the world. It brings the prospect of a Clintonite Restoration closer.

The Romney victory can be chalked up to a plurality, among Republican caucus goers, of rich Republicans like him and Mormons like him. But how could Hillary have won?

Part of the problem was that too many women think that Hillary, Slick Willy’s official wife, is a feminist hero. That’s almost as dumb as the idea that he was the first black President. Part of the problem, though, is Obama; playing the vacuous card, as he does, doesn’t work. Of course, one could also say, given John Edwards’ showing, that being somewhat more principled and a whole lot better and clearer on policy matters is a losing strategy too, especially with our media working overtime to make the world safe for their corporate masters. The bigger problem, though, is that it’s proving hard for an African-American, even an anodyne one, to break through the Great White Ceiling. It’s a sad fact, but there’s no denying it (even though Obama has been denying it assiduously). This was clearly what happened in New Hampshire, and it has now been demonstrated again – to Nevada’s shame. Had Democrats had their wits about them, they might have gotten behind John Edwards – not just because he’s white (that would be shameful too, though realistic), but because, at a policy level, he’s far better (for African-Americans, among others). By now, it’s probably too late. Obama is a dud, and Edwards can’t get traction. It’s looking more and more like the election will be between the Clintons and whichever cartoon character the Republicans ultimately select.

With “super-Tuesday” looming, we still have a few more weeks grace period, but we should start thinking NOW about the Greens or some other genuine alternative to the past eight dreadful years. For those of us who live in “safe” states, the choice is easy. Cynthia McKinney would make an excellent candidate. But, given how the Democrats have been and how they will likely be with the Clintons back in (full) control, I’m sorely tempted by the thought that, if only to piss them off, Ralph Nader should run again and that he should campaign relentlessly in Ohio and Florida and anywhere else that the Clintons could lose (even after the Bush boy and even running against one or another Republican clown).