Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kucinich Out

The candidate who was best on the “issues” and, along with Mike Gravel, best on the Bush wars -- also the only candidate except Ron Paul in the Republican Party who would dare utter (mild) condemnations of (outrageous) Israeli violations of international morality and law – is about to bow out of the race for the Democratic nomination. It’s no wonder. The corporate and corporate friendly media did all they could to marginalize and/or ridicule his campaign, even to the point of excluding him, along with Gravel, from every “debate” they could. The bad guys won.

There’s still John Edwards, of course, though the media are working overtime to marginalize his campaign too. Kucinich was way to Edwards’ left, but Edwards is far enough off-center to cause the “liberal” media concern. Gravel causes them less worry because he has no campaign to speak of. But Gravel is the only candidate, Kucinich included, who, when given the chance, unabashedly speaks truth to power. The truth, in this case, is that the others are full of it, the Clintons especially. He couldn’t be more right. If by the week after Super Tuesday, when I get a chance to vote, there’s nothing left to decide, I will vote for Gravel, and I’ll feel good about it. Otherwise, for reasons I’ve explained in countless entries, I’ll vote as I must to do my small part to send the Clintons packing. I hope that doesn’t mean voting for Obama, again for reasons I’ve explained countless times. I’d much rather vote for John Edwards. I’d much rather he became the nominee. Failing that, I’d much rather vote for two of the other three dropouts, Bill Richardson or Chris Dodd. Of the original opponents to the Clinton juggernaut, only Joe Biden was worse (more Clintonite) than Obama. But lesser evilists gotta do what lesser evilists gotta do. As things now look, Obama is above the threshold – barely.

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