Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Eat Your Heart Out NPR et. al.

General Electric (NBC, MSNBC) has vowed to fight on, but, as of now, Monday’s ruling by Clark County (Nevada) Senior District Court Judge Charles Thompson stands: MSNBC can’t “disinvite” Dennis Kucinich from tonight’s (Jan. 15) candidates’ debate in Las Vegas! It therefore looks like corporate America’s efforts to marginalize views that don’t suit its interests have suffered a set back. Kucinich will be there – unless GE’s lawyers somehow outlawyer his. [They have no case, but since when is that an obstacle!] If Kucinich survives GE’s challenge, then a bit of light about, among other things, impeachment, defunding the war, and getting parasitical for-profit insurance companies out of the health care business will shine through.

The corporate and corporate friendly (NPR) media must also feel at a loss as polls indicate a dead-heat in Nevada, not just between their golden boy and girl, Barack and Hillary, but also including the one progressive candidate (on domestic issues, at least), John Edwards. They could never quite marginalize him as effectively as they could Kucinich and my favorite “unelectable,” Mike Gravel. Now they’ll have to acknowledge that the two-candidate race they’ve promoted so assiduously, may not quite yet be a two-candidate race after all. Eat your heart out, NPR – and the rest of you.

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