Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Hampshire

According to all reliable polls, yesterday was another good day for Barack Obama; he’s set to win big today. It’s even possible, though unlikely, that he’ll knock Hillary Clinton out of the running. Given his vacuity, and his evident determination to hold (Clinton style) to the mushy middle, Obama’s soaring popularity is hard to understand. I suppose political ignorance and naivete, especially rife among Obama’s youthful fans, is part of the story. But if he can be the instrument through which the Clintons, and their dreadful entourage, are sent packing, then more power to him. If John Edwards has enough money to stay in for the long haul, a more serious debate than we’ve had so far can then ensue. It’s a remote possibility but maybe, just maybe, it will dawn on enough Democrats in time that Edwards would be a far better candidate and President. Both goals would be facilitated enormously if, as in Iowa, Edwards would finish second today. It’s not likely, given this morning’s polls, but we can hope.

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Mitchell J. Freedman said...

I'm with you on all this, Andrew. Edwards hurt himself yesterday when he piled on Hillary after saying he would not comment on the "teary eye" episode. Too often, "swing" voters who make up their minds at the last minute make up their minds on the most trivial issues--that of course corporate media teaches them are "the" issues to consider.