Monday, December 29, 2008

Pelosiites: Worse than Bush

George Bush is out to lunch, but his government has at least had the decency to “ask” Israel to try not to kill too many civilians in Gaza with its bombs, as if that were possible in the most densely populated area in the world. Par for the course, and criminally reprehensible -- especially since Israel’s latest murderous assault would never have happened unless the United States had acquiesced.

However, “liberal” Democrats are even worse. All they can think to do is mouth off about Israel’s right of “self-defense” – against what had been a minor annoyance (homemade rockets lobbed into a small part of southern Israel, by a people staggering under the yoke of an occupation so brutal that it would be ruled a crime against humanity, if only the United States would get out of the way of international tribunals). Nancy Pelosi, true to form, leads the way. God, if She existed, could not have created a more base and servile creature. She’s been joined by Steny Hoyer, Harry Reid and others. Even Obama, vacationing in Hawaii, has chimed in in his Rorschach way – having David Axelrod repeat the Democratic catechism about how important the American-Israel “special relationship” is. He did not bother to add what everybody knows: that it’s special only to ethnic chauvinists and “morally challenged” religious fanatics – in other words, to his party’s paymasters and to the godly nincompoops he’s trying to win over with a little help from his friends (of the Rick Warren persuasion). Lesser evil party indeed!

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