Monday, December 29, 2008

Obama, Where's Your Vaunted "Judgment" Now That We Need It?

Yes, we know there’s “only one President at a time,” though he’s more than usually gone missing (not that anybody really minds!), and we know about the Israel lobby. We know too how, where the “Holy Land” is concerned, our political class and media insist on the “moral equivalence” of occupiers and their victims – in plain violation of common sense and elementary decency. Even so, the Israeli assault on Gaza, now in its third day, is so horrendously disproportionate, so thoroughly out of “humanitarian” bounds, that Obama’s silence in the face of it borders on Bush level morality. When the Rorschach Man becomes President, it will be up to us to force him to force Israel to join the community of civilized states. But now is not too soon for us to do our best to force the President-elect, the apostle of “change we can believe in,” to speak out – particularly with an Israeli ground invasion, an Anschluss likely to devastate both sides, in the offing.

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Mitchell J. Freedman said...

I think Israel has more right to go against Hamas here than usual. It is not that Hamas is telling Israel to get out of Gaza. It is essentially out (essentially meaning that Israel was physically out, but could always re-enter almost at will). The rockets from Gaza are targeted at Israeli towns and villages inside the Green Line, not at the occupied territories from the 1967 war.

There is no way any nation would accept a border nation firing rockets with impunity across that border into that nation.

A little help here, as I don't like finding myself agreeing with the Israel Uber Alles crowd. Still, I think Israel is more right than wrong to say it's had enough, if we simply judge Israel the way we would judge any other nation.