Thursday, January 15, 2009

Excusing the Inexcusable

It’s understandable that dedicated Stalinists found excuses for the Hitler-Stalin pact; they were, they thought, agents of a movement that was indispensable for leading humanity into the realm of freedom. In their minds, if Stalin said it was alright, then it was alright.

Because we’re in the midst of it now – because Israel just yesterday and today ratcheted up its assault on Gaza, moving in force into Gaza City, brazenly attacking schools, hospitals, and even UN headquarters as it escalates its campaign of murder and mayhem – it’s harder to fathom how so many “liberals,” not all of them Chosen folks like me, are able to find excuses for the Tribal State. But at least they too have a “higher” end in view. True, it’s not exactly for the sake of full human emancipation that they are so eager to sacrifice their integrity and/or betray their ignorance and moral shortcomings. Ethnic chauvinism and eschatological fantasies hardly rise to that level. But these are nevertheless “higher” reasons of a sort. Thus the excuses offered by true believers in the Israeli-government-right-or-wrong cause, unlike the excuses parroted by crass opportunists and cowards (like Nancy Pelosi et. al.), are at least understandable, if not excusable.

But what can we make of the liberals who excuse each and every “bipartisan” betrayal of Barack Obama’s? In their eyes, no matter how far to the right the Change Agent surges, it only goes to show what a “class act” he is. Can anyone stomach MSNBC anymore, now that they don’t have Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber to kick around (though Keith Olbermann still won’t let go of Sarah Palin)? Watching Chris Matthews praise Obama for palling around with Republican nitwits, and for hosting a dinner for John McCain is too much to take so soon after dinner. How pathetic is it that liberals, unlike Stalinists and Zionists, harbor their illusions without even the pretense of a high cause!

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