Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Is Sarah Looking Beyond November 4

Of course, it’s possible that the McCain campaign is so incompetent and/or Sarah Palin so dumb that she just can’t stay on message. Still, it’s remarkable how often Palin and McCain have taken different sides lately: on removing North Korea from the State Department’s “terrorist” list, on violating Pakistani sovereignty, on drilling in ANWR and, most recently, on McCain’s robocalls (though, apparently, she has some of her own!) and on a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. Could the rat be deserting the sinking ship, the better to position herself to be the religious Right’s standard-bearer after the election? Could she have it in her little mind to run for President in 2112? It is certainly looking that way.

That’s why the latest scandal about the Palin wardrobe is so delicious, especially inasmuch as she presents herself as a working class hero, up there with Joe the Plumber, and an everymom. It’s John Edwards’ $400 haircut all over again, but with the extravagance ratcheted way up. That, along with his zipper problem, was tragedy; this is sheer farce.

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