Thursday, October 2, 2008

Give Her Hell, Joe!

Vile as Democrats are, vile as Joe Biden’s politics is, the fact remains: in the coming election, Obama-Biden is, by far, the lesser evil. This is not the case just because their politics is (somewhat) better than John McCain’s, though it surely is. It is mainly because McCain is an erratic nincompoop with Cheneyesque instincts. And it is because Sarah Palin, who would be, as they say, a “heartbeat away” from a visibly aging cancer survivor, is a not very bright ignoramus who is more out of her depth that words can describe.

Of course, along with many others, I anticipate a flurry of Palindromes in tonight’s debate, and I look forward to seeing what John Stewart and Steven Colbert and Saturday Night Live and countless others will make of them. There’s a good chance Sarah will do herself in. But, Joe, you have it in you to deliver the coup de grace. Don’t pull your punches! The whacko from nowhere becomes “increasingly adorable” – as Amy Poehler put it on last week’s Saturday Night Live -- when cornered. But that’s because she’s been cornered, sort of, by interviewers, Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric, who, despite what Republican spinmeisters claim, have been inordinately gentle. Your task tonight, Joe, is to strike fear in the hearts of the folks who, even now, still identify with the hockey mom/barracuda beauty queen (and high school basketball star). That’s why you need to reduce her to silence and outright incoherence. Katie Couric showed the way with gentle questions. How much better it will be if you spar with her as if she were an equal! Nothing you could do at this point will be more useful for accelerating the pace of the McCain campaign’s sputtering disintegration.

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