Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Tom Tancredo’s imminent abandonment of his bid for the Republican nomination represents a minor, but significant, blow to the vile nativism that the Republican candidates have stirred up. No doubt the others will assume his place; they mostly already have. Such is their moral and intellectual level. But it is always heartening when an especially loathsome figure meets defeat. It will be wonderful to see the back of him.

It is also heartening that Rudy Giuliani seems lately to have lost his luster. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy! In this case, though, the main beneficiaries seem to be Preacher Huckabee and War Monger McCain. It is impossible to say whether this is a move from bad to worse or whether the change is for the better. The Republican candidates are well beyond the threshold where comparisons become superfluous.

Meanwhile, the Democrats have, for a change, capitulated utterly to the Cheney/Bush administration and the Republican minority in Congress -- giving them nearly everything they want. Thus the “anti-war” party, yet again, talks one way and acts another – illustrating, as clearly as they can, what Pelosiism is. The hapless Clintonite (or is it Obamaite?) Rahm Emanuel’s protestations on NPR (December 20) notwithstanding, it would be hard to imagine a more feckless majority. The POP, the Party of Pusillanimity, is worse than cowardly. It is all but useless. If the Democrats nominate a Clinton or a Clintonite for President, as they probably will, even that qualification will pass. It is not a pretty prospect, but it is looking increasingly like the thing to do now, with the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary looming, is to pull out all the stops for John Edwards. It’s our last best hope (and it is only a hope!) not to have years of Pelosiite governance ahead.

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