Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Best Reason to Vote AGAINST Obama

On a day when an article by Patrick Healy in The New York Times (Dec. 26) sensibly deflates Hillary Clinton’s claims for foreign policy experience, we should recall that the best case for the hypothesis that Obama is a (not very closeted) Clintonite – and therefore the best reason to vote against him – is that he claims that the majority of (Bill) Clinton’s foreign policy “experts” favor him. There is no doubt that Hillary would bring many of them back on board. Now it’s clearer that he would too.

Since our “democracy” vests inordinate political influence upon Iowa caucus goers and New Hampshire voters, lets do all that we can to remind those folks, our de facto representatives, of the Iraq sanctions, the bombing escapades, the illegal “demonstration war” against Serbia in Kosovo and in Serbia proper, and indeed all the (somewhat more competently executed) neo-con policies the Clintonites implemented. One of the reasons it was hard to vote for John Kerry in 2004 was the prospect that Richard Holbrooke or someone of his ilk (perhaps even Joe Biden) would become Secretary of State. That reason pertains now, with equal or greater force, not just to Hillary but to Obama as well. John Edwards could restore Clintonites to power too; but, in his case, there is still hope.

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forever democrat said...

He has no experience, will be squished like a bug,I will not vote for a Republican, therefore I will not vote if Obama is the choice, I am a 59 yr. old white woman, was married to a hispanic man, I know at least 20 to 30 people who feel the same way. I live in Texas, and am 4th generation Texan, what are people thinking? Why can't Michigan and Florida be resolved, they need to be counted. The system certainly needs a change.