Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Questions for Republicans

There are two questions raised by last night’s (May 15) Republican candidates debate in South Carolina: (1) where did they find those guys? and (2) is there a chance in hell that the call for “two, three many Guantanamos!” will prevail over the still lively Falwellian advocates of back alley abortions and gay bashing? I think the answer to the second is NO – which is why Giuliani will soon find that he’s squeezed about all he can out of 9/11. My guess is that, when it comes down to it, Islamophobia and anti-immigrant nativism can’t begin to compete with the sexual insecurities of GOP diehards.

Meanwhile, Tony Blair comes to Washington today for the last time as Prime Minister. The Bush boy is about to lose his poodle! Lets hope he warms soon to Gordon Brown, the substitute pet the Labour Party has been kind enough to provide him. Otherwise, he may start acting out again.

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