Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Hyper-Clintonism: the Case of George Tenet

When it came to helping Cheney and Bush decimate Iraq and elevate the likelihood of blowback exponentially, no Democrat came close to Bill Clinton’s old spymaster, George Tenet. Not even if you count Joe Lieberman. Hillary doesn’t hold a candle.

When it comes to unctuous charm, once again Tenet has no rivals. Not even Vladimir Putin. George Bush looked through Putin’s eyes into his soul and saw that he was good; could he have failed to give the old Clinton hand equal scrutiny? Not likely, not even if the Commander-In-Chief was busy on vacation at the time. In Putin’s case, something was evidently lost in translation; understandable when an omnipotent Being is whispering in your ear. In Tenet’s vetting, Bush must have been similarly distracted. But the language was 100% American. Still Bush got took. There’s only one possible explanation. When opportunism calls, George Tenet can charm the pants off anybody. Can Hillary? It’s a question that, as they say, answers itself.

Then there is the philosophical dimension. Philosophers have always wondered, along with Bill, what “is” is. For all his self-serving fatuousness, the man was deep. But “slam dunk”? That’s a concept even a Bush boy can understand. Thus does the spymaster’s kiss and tell memoir raise Clintonism to a whole new level. Our hospitals and cemeteries have the bodies to prove it. So too, on a much grander scale, do the ones Iraqis manage, against all odds, to maintain. So many lives lost and ruined! Be sure of it, though: like Bill and Hillary, only more so, the old Clinton spymaster feels everybody’s pain – all the way to the bank.

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