Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Who the Good Guys Are

Yesterday, June 16, another “day which will live in infamy,” the House of Representatives passed a $106 billion emergency funding bill for the Obama wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It will keep the murder and mayhem going through September. The final vote was 226-202. But for the efforts of Tim Geithner and Nancy Pelosi, the vote would have been a lot closer; they pressured dozens of self-described anti-war Democrats to win one for Barack Obama. In the end, 221 members of the Lesser Evil Party – even that can no longer be said without irony! -- voted to keep the imperialist wars Bush and Cheney started going.

The 32 good guys were joined by all but five of their colleagues from what is still, all things considerd, the Greater Evil party. The Republicans have no quarrel with murder and mayhem and no beef with imperialism. They voted No because the Obama administration inserted language into the imperialist war funding bill that would bail out (mainly foreign) banks – by loading taxpayer money into the International Monetary Fund. That was also worth opposing. I suggested yesterday that many of them also had less savory motivations. They are Republicans, after all.

Anyway, here is a list of the good guys, Democrats who resisted Obama and Pelosi and the rest of the Pusillanimous Party’s leadership – in order to do the right thing. Congressional Democrats not listed below are, at best, cowards or deluded Obamamaniacs. Of course, most Democrats don’t rise even to that level.

THE GOOD GUYS: Baldwin; Capuano; Conyers; Doggett; Edwards (MD); Ellison; Farr; Filner; Grayson; Grijalva; Honda; Kaptur; Kucinich; Lee (CA); Lofgren, Zoe; Massa; McGovern; Michaud; Payne; Pingree (ME); Polis (CO); Serrano; Shea-Porter; Sherman; Speier; Stark; Tierney; Tsongas; Waters; Watson; Welch; Woolsey

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