Friday, February 6, 2009

Republicans to the Rescue

Yet again. Democrats keep making the least of opportunities presented to them, but the Republicans keep them coming. There are signs, though, that even the Party of Pusillanimity has reached its limit, and that the “bipartisan” crap will soon end (at least for awhile). As Senator Charles (Schmucky Chucky) Schumer put it, “it takes two to tango, and the Republicans aren’t dancing.” If enough Democrats take his words to heart, maybe their flawed but indispensable stimulus package will finally happen.

Then the problem will just be that, in the face of an impending economic catastrophe, the Wall Street malefactors who brought it on -- or, rather, their “left” (Clintonite) wing – will be in charge of programs that don’t go nearly far enough and that hover too much around the old, failed ways. But that’s better (less bad) than a Republican concoction of barely warmed-over free market theology. After all, for voters who thought that with Obama they’d be getting “change” they could believe in, half a loaf – or, is it a third or only a quarter? – is better than continuing victimization by high-flying predators.

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