Saturday, May 24, 2008

Where There's Death, There's Hope

Is Hillary losing it – not just the nomination, but “it.” To be sure, when bad reactions started pouring in, she did “clarify” the comments she made yesterday in South Dakota about Robert Kennedy’s assassination. But, even then, she was mainly concerned to apologize to the Kennedy family, which of course is troubled enough these days without this. As to the great fear of many, especially many African-Americans, that Barack Obama, having risen so high and raised so many hopes, will go the way of others before him, she seems almost oblivious.

Given how careless of human life abroad the Clintons have always been, and how determined they are to win at any cost, one might almost suppose that they’ve set plans in motion. But their villainy is not that stupendous – even Nixon’s wasn’t -- and, anyway, they know they’d get caught. Is tiredness, then, the explanation, as many commentators think? Perhaps. But I think it’s more likely that, like some of her admirers, Hillary Clinton just can’t process that it’s over; she can’t stand to lose.

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