Wednesday, April 23, 2008

PA Plubs

Ten per cent indeed! Now the Clintons get to boost John McCain for at least two more weeks -- while the eponymous “ism,” Clintonism (neo-liberalism, imperialism, the neo-conservative dream), thrives all the more. Whether or not racism did it, the harpies got their way; them and the papists, still on a roll after Pope Benny.

Note: I just deliberately violated two liberal taboos: not to say anything that can be construed as sexist, and never ever to bad mouth religion. There are harpies out there who find any anti-Clinton remark sexist, just as there are Zionists who find any anti-Israel remark anti-Semitic. I say: if it pisses them off, how bad can it be! Ditto all the more for those whose “faith” (in the preposterous) makes them prissy. In any case, the need to be rid of that wretched family justifies cutting a little slack.

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