Tuesday, February 12, 2008

For the Umpteenth Time

Although she was in the DC area (and therefore couldn’t use distant campaign obligations as an excuse), Hillary Clinton once again revealed her nature by not voting --and therefore not voting against -- the majority (of 49 Republicans, 17 shamefaced Democrats and Likudnik Joe Lieberman) who today gave telecom companies that have been collaborating with the Bush administration’s war on civil liberties retroactive immunity from law suits. Twenty-eight Democrats, including Barack Obama, plus Independent Bernie Sanders voted correctly. This is one more reason to hope for a string of Clinton humiliations tonight as the votes from the “Potomac primary” come in.

Paul Krugman may find such “hateful” sentiments Nixonian. But that’s because, having done a tour of duty as a Bush critic in the darkest, “mission accomplished” days, he’s rapidly reverting back to the Clintonite apologist he was in the (Bill) Clinton era. Without putting too fine a point on it, the Clintons themselves are not what inspire what Krugman calls “Clinton rules.” For “the great right wing conspiracy,” it’s the narcissism of small differences." For those of us able to look beyond the horizons of a Clintonized Democratic Party, “it’s the politics, stupid.”

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