Friday, November 2, 2007

Schmucky Chucky

I have it on good authority that New York Senator Charles Schumer was known as “Schmucky Chucky” by the girls who wouldn’t go out with him in high school. Little did they know, back then, how apt their description was. Not only did he smooth the way for Hillary Clinton to carpetbag her way into New York state, turning herself into the menace now confronting the country and the world, and not only did he find and promote the most right-wing Democrats he could find to run for the Senate in 2006 – mimicking Rom Emanuel, his Clintonite counterpart in the House of Representatives -- but now, it seems, he’s come out in favor of the Bush boy’s nominee for Torturer General, Michael Mukassey. To cover his sorry ass, he also enlisted the support of his California co-thinker, the equally schmucky Dianne Feinstein. Score another victory for Cheney and Bush, notwithstanding the 2006 elections; and another demonstration of the utter fecklessness of the POP, the Party of Pusillanimity -- the (hardly) Democratic Party.

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