Monday, August 6, 2007

More Profiles in Cowardice

Last Friday and Saturday, the Democratic led Senate and Democratic led House passed the so-called Protect America Act, the Bush government’s revision of the already spineless FISA system. For an analysis of the harm the Protect America Act will do, see the Balkinization blog run by Yale Constitutional Law Professor Jack Balkin. To see which Democratic House members collaborated with the Bush government, look here. To find out which Democratic Senators sided with Cheney and Bush, look here. Note, especially, Feinstein (California), Mikulski (Maryland), Klobuchar (Minnesota), Casey (Pennsylvania), and Webb (Virginia). If only for this (but there is so much more!) each and every Democrat who, yet again, aided and abetted the Cheney/Bush War on Liberty deserves utter contempt.

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24Independent said...

Utter contempt, indeed! All the Democrats who supported Amy Klobuchar in 2006 deserve to get their donations back. She has been an utter disappoinment, culminating in this betrayal.

These people betrayed their oath of office to defend the Constitution. I have no respect for them.